OSGB and Istanbul, one of the pioneer companies in the evacuation plan ANADOLUM OSGB recent regulations, serving in Maltepe prepared properly.

Emergency evacuation plan sketch
1) location of emergency equipment, including fire fighting will be used for.
2) location of first aid supplies.
3) escape routes, meeting places and evacuation plan, which also includes the warning system if there is.
4) The name of the assigned employees and replacement if any, surname, title, responsibility and contact information.
5) First aid, emergency medical care, rescue and contact numbers of organizations fighting issues outside the workplace.
It is prepared to include.

Fire training and evacuation drills

Occupational Health and Safety Act with fire prevention, protection, evacuation, fire fighting issues properly equipped and trained in this regard must be a sufficient number of people employed. Also; Occupational Health and Safety Act should be given basic fire fighting training for all employees, it must be made of the relevant exercise. Per month per için1.078 administrative penalty by law to businesses that provide the necessary fire training its employees from the date of entry into force and violation of £ 1,078 Continue apply.

IMPORTANT: If this is not yet fire training your staff, suspended the situation as soon as possible to contact us immediately to drop our competent professional staff as ANADOLUM OSGB, we'll help you complete your employees the necessary training and exercises.

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